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Last updated: 11/4/2015   Go Watch (-MB)   |   Onetouch Watch (-MB)

FAQs for Onetouch Watch

Onetouch Move helps you to pair Watch with your phone, review the activity dashboard, set goals, etc. You need to log in and fill your information the first time. You can set your account by:
• Creating an account on Onetouch Move login page directly.
• Using other social APP accounts (such as Google accounts) to log in.

APP screens

1. Dashboard
Shows your general activity.
For IOS For Android
2. Timeline
Shows detailed information about a certain period of activity. For IOS For Android 3. Set goals
Touch Me\My Goals. All the categories are listed.
Select one to set your goal, and then touch Save.

Supported phones

1. More phones will be supported in the future.
2. Watch pairs with phone devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
3. Watch is compatible with phone systems supporting Android 4.3 or later versions, IOS7 or later versions.

  • ALCATEL onetouch
    POP D5 POP Astro POP S7
  • Apple
  • iPhone4s iPhone5 iPhone5s iPhone6 IPhone6 Plus
  • Others
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 LG G3 HTC One Max Motorola Moto G SONY Xperia Z3
    Samsung Galaxy Note3 LG Nexus 5 HTC One (M8) Motorola Moto X HUAWEI Ascend P7

Download Onetouch Move

Or scan QR code to download.