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Last updated: 11/4/2015   Go Watch (-MB)   |   Onetouch Watch (-MB)
  • Power key
    • Press to wake up your Go Watch's screen.
    • Long press to power on/off the Go Watch.
    • Long press for 10 seconds to restart the Go Watch.
  • Back button
    • Press to go back to the previous screen.
    • Press to wake up your Go Watch's screen.
    • Long press from any screen to open Emotion Pulse.
    • Press from Home screen to enter main menu.
    • Press to dismiss notifications only on the Go Watch.
    • Tap to dismiss notifications.

How to change front casing and band

1. Remove the front casing.

2. Remove the bands.

3. Install the new bands.

3. Watchband adjustment
Open the clasp and adjust the watchband size to fit your wrist.

Install the Go Watch bands by sliding the flat side of the bands from left to right into the slots on the bottom and top of the Go Watch. The band without the buckle goes in the bottom slot. The band with the buckle goes in the top slot.

4. Install the new front casing.

Bands can only be removed after the front casing is removed. Install the bands before installing the front casing.If the front casing does not attach to the Go Watch, make sure that the casing is in the right position and pinch it until it's held firmly in place.

How to charge

Open the USB port cover on the back of the Go Watch. Connect it with a computer to charge via USB cable.

How to pair

1. Start Onetouch Move. Touch Start Pairing, choose to sign up, log in with your account, or skip these steps and just complete your profile. Then touch Connect Your Watch.
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
3. Select your Go Watch in the Available Devices list, then touch it to connect.
4. Swipe the icon left on your Go Watch to confirm connection. Swipe the icon right to reject pairing.

1. Keep your watch's screen on if your phone cannot detect any Bluetooth device. Your watch's Bluetooth will be disabled for power saving if it has not connected with any device a long time after its screen is off.
2. Go Watch can be connected only through the Bluetooth searching in Onetouch Move.